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The Case for Learning Philosophy as a Political Enthusiast

The act of turning people onto philosophy is one that is unrewarding. It's even harder with people that think they have it all figured out - especially those with interests in politics, you'll be greatly rewarded for taking on the task. I'm by no means an expert on philosophy, but I'm always learning - learning about myself. Philosophy has taught me to: Develop my ideas and views to well-reasoned positions.Since my positions are better, I can argue them better.And since my positions are better, I can defend them better.When someone new encounters philosophy that most likely end up overwhelmed. Tough questions, different responses and many feel that it's all a matter of opinion. "Do you exist or are you in the matrix? How do you know?" "Is murder morally wrong? Why? How do you know?" It's not an easy field to learn.
There was a great comment on reddit that I had to save because this was the question brought up, "isn't it all a matter of…

The Case Against Just Consuming Your Point of View

The counter title for what I'm discussing would be The Case for Open Discussion & Challenging One's Ideas. This is going to be a bit more of a radical type of discussion. It's an observation I've had for sometime and I think it explains a lot of the more extremist type behavior we end up seeing in society.
The internet is by far the greatest achievement with regard to our ability to transmit, exchange and consume ideas. There is so much information on the internet that no one on this planet could possibly consume it all. Humans from around the world have easy access and means to communicate near instantaneously.
The problem I see is how some people choose to use the internet. Since there is too much to possibly consume, an individual needs to make a value judgment on what they're going to consume. All this means is that people will consume videos that they judge will entertain them, learn about things that they judge to be value to them and in the case of ideolog…

Meat Advertising Trickery - Be a More Informed Consumer

This is something that has been on my nerves a bit lately. Advertising of meat is very manipulative, especially for the do-good yuppies that are generally low information, but very motivated to show how progressive they are with food. I'm not calling for regulations or anything like that on how one advertises because they're not lying. I want consumers to better understand what marketing is and how they end up doing it.
The specific cases I want to discuss are very common ones. Currently A&W is running with the "Our chicken is raised without the use of antibiotics. Another one that A&W personally does is that their beef is made without growth hormones. President's Choice has a similar slogan regarding pork.
Marketing is a very simple concept of displaying benefits to consumers. It's not lying, but you're not necessarily getting the full story or an entire perspective. Without that perspective, you can be mislead. I think the first time I learned that …

The Case Against a Sugar Tax

I keep seeing the sugar tax come up on the news and I find that the argued sides are missing the point with respect to an individual and their life. The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to see a 20% tax on all sugary goods and drinks. The Global News here in Calgary claims that doctors want 30%. The Canadian Taxpayer Federation (CTF) is saying that it is nothing more than a tax grab and they don't see how this will result in people making better choices.

Who is standing up for the freedom of an individual to make their own judgment call and choose to consume something?

The CTF certainly isn't standing up for the individual. They are correct in their assessment that this is just another tax revenue for the government to impose at the expense of everyday consumers, but they surrender the moral ground. They accept the premise that there is a role of government in the personal choices of individuals.

The WHO and Canadian doctors aren't standing up for the individual. They…