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TEDxYYC Shouldn't Have Political Speakers

I wouldn't normally post about TED or TEDx as I really don't care for it. "Ideas worth spreading", more like a big circle jerk for people that think they're very smart. Anyway, I saw them on the local news trying to promote their little show.

If you don't already know TED is not affiliated with TEDx. TEDx is a self organized group and inevitably the agenda driven one. TED will at least approach things from an impartial perspective and generally try to do away with woo woo. When it comes to TEDx, you're really getting down to what is basically the group dynamic. The loudest mouth and the ones with the biggest agenda inevitably get the biggest move.

I was disappointed to see that they have Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada, as a speaker this year. There's a few reasons I'm disappointed, the first being that May is essentially the typical green woo woo person. She thinks WIFI internet causes cancer and won't even validate her political party supports junk science like homeopathy.

The other big point that annoys me is that they're helping May with her green agenda push into Calgary. During the Calgary Centre bi-election the Green Party through a ton of money into that election, purely just for the sake of saying they landed a seat in the conservative stronghold. They lost that bi-election, but obviously she still has an interest. She doesn't hold a seat in Calgary. The only reason she was able to get a seat in Parliament was by running to the complete other side of the country and some how magically declaring residence there and running there. If that isn't Mike Duffy-esque, I don't know what is.

I'm just really disappointed by it. It's not like the event is devoid of a green type of speaker. They have Lindsey Kindrat speaking on LEED, which is a standard for building green buildings.

I guess what I'm getting at here is that TED's philosophy is "Ideas Worth Spreading" then it shouldn't be co-opted by political agendas, especially from those on the fringe. Not that I support this, but having a REAL politician that actually runs governments, has power over policy, etc would be far more beneficial. Though I don't see the day that Stephen Harper would be invited to TEDxYYC.


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