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TEDxYYC Shouldn't Have Political Speakers

I wouldn't normally post about TED or TEDx as I really don't care for it. "Ideas worth spreading", more like a big circle jerk for people that think they're very smart. Anyway, I saw them on the local news trying to promote their little show.

If you don't already know TED is not affiliated with TEDx. TEDx is a self organized group and inevitably the agenda driven one. TED will at least approach things from an impartial perspective and generally try to do away with woo woo. When it comes to TEDx, you're really getting down to what is basically the group dynamic. The loudest mouth and the ones with the biggest agenda inevitably get the biggest move.

I was disappointed to see that they have Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada, as a speaker this year. There's a few reasons I'm disappointed, the first being that May is essentially the typical green woo woo person. She thinks WIFI internet causes cancer and won't even validate her…