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Intellectual Property Thieves Hate Free Speech

Property is an intellectual production. The game requires coolness,
 right reasoning, promptness, and patience in the players.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

As of late, I've been feeling the need to discuss intellectual property rights and the importance of them. Like I've mentioned in my previous post, there is a war going on. And it's a war I feel we (the supporters of intellectual property) are losing. There are mobs of brats on the internet that think they can pirate. And this is what it is, no matter what they say. It's about what they don't have to pay for, nothing more.

The EFF is a group on the front that defends the destruction of intellectual property as free speech, and any attempt by governments to enforce basic laws is slandered as tyranny of the state to rape our free speech. It's like the basic laws of countries don't apply on the internet. Lest it be evil government tyranny. Try to pass a law that makes it easier to shut down child porn sites, screams! Defended by very poor interpretations of the law or (in most cases) outright lies on what the law actually states. I've gone into this sort of thing with my post on SOPA and PIPA.

So where is the part where the intellectual property thieves hate free speech?

Well, I was just browsing the internet today and I went to the Centre for Copyright Information, a pro-intellectual property rights site. I use a program called Web of Trust in my browser. It's essentially a user based community that allows you to easily identify good sites and bad sites. The idea is that a site with a lot of pop ups, spam, malware, infected, hate speech, white power, etc sites will warn you before you go to them and give you a big RED icon to show that the site is bad. Regular sites that are normal and good will show up with GREEN to show that they're good. It's a very simple system.

The problem is that it is user rated and not based on any sort of objective rating. Guess which site was slandered down into the red as a bad site? That's right, the one that supports intellectual property rights.

This is a copy of the comment section of people who took the time to comment beyond the point of just ranking the site. Aside from a few people that use the service ethically, we have a bunch of people that are showing that this site is a "hate site" and a few people that go to the point of saying that this site will hijack your computer or has browser exploits.

Is this the side of the free speech that we see? Is this what the EFF means when it defends the "free speech of those that commit massive copyright infringements? If you're unclear, it is a crime to violate these.

My point with this post is that there is a war going on. A war that you might be oblivious to because it's easy to put in the back of your mind. We have employment and obligations. Unfortunately kids (and I use that term loosely to include the college kids that haven't grown up) that don't have jobs and clearly too much free time are amassing for their right to loot off the hard work of others.

The good news is that we have sensible lobbies working for this right, which we can be thankful for. But I feel there needs to be more said on our part because we can't let others fight our battles. With the anti-intellectual property propaganda (which is mainly half truths and outright lies) we have the moral argument on our side. That's the key. It's wrong to take something that isn't yours. It's even worse to think you have the right to something that isn't yours. 

We also have the other side that are the EFF, that don't take the free speech and privacy bullet points, which seems to appeal to the most brain-dead conspiracy theorists that think the government is watching everything and out to get them.

The war is on, whether you fight or not.

Know thy enemy.
- Sun Tzu


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