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United Auto Workers are Stupid

I have a beef to pick with the auto industry workers that are in a union. A lot could be said about what this union has done and how it actually destroyed jobs, rather than secure them. If you bleed a business too much it won't be able to survive. But that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk directly to the United Auto Workers or anyone that is in a similar situation.

The way that auto workers worked was really quite simple. You worked on an assembly line, you had your particular job on the assembly line and that yielded very good pay/benefits. Your job wasn't exactly challenging, but the union was there to protect you and insure your wages. During the years you worked there you spent most of your inflated wages on "life". Instead of saving, growing, learning and a lot of other important things, you just lived beyond your means. And then when the plant closing came you complained.

I have some advice for you and for anyone that is in a similar positi…