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Retarded Occupy Wall Street Comments

Since my post on how I thought Occupy Wall Street is Stupid, I've been getting a lot of traffic. The vast majority has been quite positive, agreeing with my post. Over the last few days I've been getting very pro-occupy wall street comments and this mainly corresponds with the traffic dying down a bit. Plus occupier are being evicted. Anyway.

Normally I just delete comments that are so retarded. Normally I allow stupid, but if it falls into that fringe of catchy stupid/conspiracy crap it goes. I thought I'd share the ones I get here and people can see. I'll even reply to them. *More will be added as they come in.

It is an anti-corruption protest! What's wrong with the U.S. public demanding true representation in D.C. (the only thing being represented is the wants of corporations, who influence policy in every sphere- medicine, food, banking, you name it, so that the very people making the policies which regulate these industries are paid off by the industry themsel…

Can Particles Travel Faster Than Light?

I thought I'd talk about something related to science because it is something that greatly interests me. No doubt you heard recently that scientists have made a particle go faster than the speed of light. The big deal in the science world is that Einstein's theory was that the fastest a particle could go was the speed of light. And since a lot of the physics we know today is based off this assumption, it's a really big deal.  You can read about the news when it first came out here.

I was skeptical for a few reasons, but I'll go into that in a little bit. Today, a group of scientists in Italy are claiming that in fact that the study is wrong and that it's not traveling faster than light.

But ICARUS, another experiment at Gran Sasso - which is deep under mountains and run by Italy's National Institute of National Physics - now argues that their measurements of the neutrinos energy on arrival contradict that reading. 
In a paper posted on the same website as the O…

Occupy Wall Street is Anti-Semitic

I really didn't want to make another post on the Occupy protesters. I really don't care really because they're simply insignificant to the public. The fact that they're "occupying" a public parks has soured public opinion for them. A lot has already been said in the Occupy Wall Street is Stupid post.

I was actually compelled to post for a few reasons. I saw something in the news about Michael Moore replying to the evictions of "occupiers" in New York. I didn't actually go to his website, but I did see a little screen shot of what he said. He had a quote from the New York constitution that basically said people have the right to assemble and protest.

I thought I'd lay this out for people of the occupy movement and supporters of it;

You absolutely have the right to protest and assemble. However, you do not have the right to "occupy" public parks that taxpayers pay for.  You can still assemble and protest. Ordinary citizens like to go…