It is hard for me to actually express my disdain for this type of protest and the worst part is that they really aren't that big, but because the media keeps presenting them as big we're seeing them spread across cities. I look at that chick in the promo poster and I think about why she doesn't have a camo skirt on or something like that. We are talking about socialists that are trying to make change to the "evil capitalist empire", so I'd assume they have more of a militant goal.

When I see these people in the protests I see nothing more than people I would regard as hippies. And maybe that is an over simplified view, but that's just the way I see it. People that aren't willing to fit into the normal parts or niches of society. They regard money as the root of all evil, though they wouldn't say that. But the organizers keep it simple and it's redistribution of wealth.

Hearing comments from protesters blaming the rich. They don't work as hard as us. They just sit in their big executive chairs, and cash big checks. Really? Pouring people coffee is harder than running a business with 10,000 people. They're working hard thinking and I guess that is the big difference. They're paid for their thoughts, their expertise and their experience. And I hate to break it to you, but your amazing skills pouring coffee into a cup or scrubbing toilets isn't that high of a demand.

To suggest that someone who is smarter than you (and yes they are) owes you is nothing more than Karl Marx ideology.

In this economy, a lot of people have lost their jobs. I don't agree that banks or any business should ever be bailed out, but it happened. But there is no excuse for a protest like this. Most people that go to these typically just come for an hour and leave. But the professional protesters hang around and sleep in tents. If they put as much time into developing their skills and looking for new work (or starting their own business) they'd be employed.

The rich don't owe you. If I make more than you, it doesn't mean I owe you for making less. No one owes you anything and sooner that gets into the heads of the "entitled" we can move out of this economic recession. The only way we'll get out of this recession is the desire to make money. Profits drive economic growth, so you guys better embrace it.


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