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How to Spot a Relativist?

I've talked on this blog lately about relativists, in particular the cultural and moral relativists. I've been seeing this lately with the Ground Zero Mosque. A site like reddit is a epicenter of this relativism.

How can you tell? Well, if you bring up an argument against Islam you'll be met with a rebuttal about Christianity.

What you should take away from that is that people are not rebutting your point, but rather comparing and contrasting it in an attempt to marginalize your point. In order to have a real discussion with someone you need to be able to discuss facts objectively, the issue at hand and live in reality.

Often those people that really are often huge relativists will come up with rotten comparisons and just horrible examples as a means to make your point relative. In fact, in a discussion recently about the Ground Zero Mosque I was told that the Christian faith has killed several millions (just this year) and Islam has only killed 3000 (back in 2001). This is …