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Government Mandated Dress Codes

I thought I should discuss a few things with you about dress codes and things like that mandated down from the government. I wanted to get into the topic of the burka because I have said that I would support the ban on such an item even though I'm against dress codes that come people would find revealing.

If you look at the picture there you have a young lady in a skort. For those of you that don't know what that particular type of clothing is, it is a mix of shorts and skirt. The most popular type is the golf skort, but I'm sort of getting off topic here. Cause I wanted to talk about what the government is in the game of at least promoting to the general public.

I know that the idea of the government promoting a specific idea can be a bit controversial, but I don't see the harm if the idea is RIGHT. Most of the dress code controversies with the government have revolved around clothing that is too revealing or two exposing. And that doesn't necessarily mean exposing of skin, which can be illustrated by half falling down pants showing the boxers look.

I don't have a problem with things like that. You can dress that way if you want and that's the way that I see it. The question for me isn't about how liberally you go with things. The real question I feel it boils down to is whether you're being oppressed into a specific lifestyle, which includes clothing, that you cannot escape. And this is something that goes beyond the burka. But I think the burka is probably about the best illustration where the lifestyle really does have a specific dress code.

And what is that lifestyle: Oppressed Female.

And that's really what I'm opposed too. I don't have a problem with a Burka and I think it would be a very good Halloween costume, but it's what it represents to those that wear it for real. It's a symbol of everything against Western values. If you were truly free with your life and chose to wear this than I don't see a problem.

But these women aren't really free.

It is quite similar to those deeply religious Christians that live in compounds where they have Polygamist marriages and women tend to be married at young ages. The problem here is that it is difficult for them to escape that lifestyle. They dress quite old fashion, but their clothing really isn't the cloak of their oppression as you see with the burka.

I suppose this is where I'm at. We have women that will almost defend what they're doing, even though they're slaves and treated like crap. And this applies to the Christian crazies that create their own compounds. It's a problem that we can't stop completely, but there should be a hand reaching out to them to help them escape.

I thought the Quebec government had a very interesting take on this. They didn't ban the burka for those that wanted to wear it. They refused to provide any government service if you have one. They are standing up for Western values and Western customs. They're keeping the government institutions completely secular instead of bending over backwards to accommodate religious stupidity.

I think we can all stand up for women's right and that includes women that are oppressed by religious dogma. They should be able to wear skirts, skorts, dresses or whatever they want, rather than what a religion wants or what a man wants.


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