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Obama In Afghanistan - Speaking Soon

I don't usually follow popular trends or what is hot in the news, but I thought I'd do it on this lazy Sunday. Obama is in Afghanistan and I've been curious what his motives are in this country. I know that his has campaigned on adding additional forces there to help win the fight, but I know that his base doesn't necessarily agree with that. It's a tough place to be in.
The fight in Afghanistan is very complex, but something that definitely has to be won. I know that many people think that taking out strategic targets is good enough. That we don't have to get down and dirty by changing the country, but I disagree with that. Power vacuums never really work out for the good. The evil/bad in that country exist because they can. It isn't a matter of removing one group from power that will keep them out and it doesn't mean that the good will fill the vacuum.
This is why we need to win the fight in Afghanistan and it is one of the few positions that I agree wi…

The Quebec Government vs. Niqab

One of the oddest places to understand is Quebec and that's not to say I'm suggesting anything bad. For most Canadians it is viewed as some whinny child that will never get its way. It's something that most would regard as much further left wing when compared to the rest of Canada. But something that I really like is that have real pride and desire to defend their culture, which is something I don't see much of in the rest of Canada.
I personally don't believe that people in Quebec are as left wing as they're made out to be. The Bloc Quebecois does quite as a political party because they're sort of just sticking it to the rest of Canada in Parliament. I think if the likes of Maxime Bernier can be elected in Quebec by the largest majority then you really can't center their politics around the Bloc Quebecois. Anyway, enough background and to the topic at hand.
I saved a link a few weeks ago regarding an incident in Quebec.
Que. government forced woman from c…