I wasn't expecting to post so soon, but some journalistic crap fell into my lap and it just proved my point. This is something related to my previous post on Islam and Cultural Relativism. You will need to read that post first before you'll ever understand what I'm talking about in this post.

I made the point in the last post of saying that these people will often excuse bad cultures and even elevate the bad (and put down the good) as a means of balancing out cultures. I just happened to read an article that made me sick. It's disgusting how something like this could ever be published. The fact that no one has fired this person for the article just makes you think.

I want you to take the time to read that article. The most alarming part that stands out is the following statement.
But can we in the West really claim the moral high ground when it comes to condemning these ‘honour’ killings’?
This is the beginning of the evasion of reality. For some reason it is this position that you have no right to criticize. You'll see the same reasoning of people that think Iran have the right to nuclear weapons. I'm going to break down that entire article for you, just in case you're too lazy to read it.

Basically, Liz Jones is looking at Emma Watson and Medine Memi. Emma Watson was in the Harry Potter movies and Medine Memi was 16 year old girl buried alive in Turkey for talking to boys on the telephone (honor killing).

The reason that Emma Watson was in this article is that she made a lot of money. She's in the top 20 of Hollywood earners this year. And Liz, the cultural relativist, decided to use her to put down a culture and also elevate one.

Her reasoning is that we're evil and bad because we like to see young girls. I'm not sure exactly what she's suggesting. If it is something perverted or something about child labor related stuff. I don't know. But the fact that she views a successful actress making money as something just as bad (or more so) as burying someone alive, paints the picture I was trying to illustrate in a previous post.

So What Did She Do?

Essentially what happened here is that Western culture was put down because a 19 year old girl earned a lot of money. A barbaric culture was elevated (by trivializing it) and disgustingly evading what was done.

There is more to this. What you'll learn about cultural relativists are that facts don't matter to them. Emma Watson made a lot of cash for a number reasons. The most obvious one is that she was part of one of the most successful movie series ever. She wasn't an exploited young girl or some perverted cultural thing, she was playing a character from a book. A 40 year old woman can't play Hermione Granger.

The bigger fact missed here is the list of top earners. Of the top 20 earners in Hollywood, someone else important on the list was there. Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, was on the same list and made more money than Emma. It just proves that facts were purposely left out and I doubt Liz Jones even cares.

But that's the thing...
  • Western Culture is put down
  • Bad culture is elevated
  • And facts are irrelevant and ignored
I know that this example was rather extreme. I'm still surprised that someone actually wrote an article like this. Most of the comments on the website are people saying how horrible it is and how comparing Emma Watson to an honor killing is wrong and evil.

The Cultural Relativist and Anti-Americanism

This is something that is a little more common and you're going to see this much more. You'll see this just about everywhere outside of the United States. You'll even see it by Democrats and related cultural relativists in the United States. They have this default view that the US is sinister by nature and I hope you're starting to understand why they believe that. But here is a video you need to see from Canada with an interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Just watch the way the journalist works. He's trying hard to balance cultures. He's doing it as best as he can and obviously he does it by putting down a free society. I don't know if I can continue to explain the same thing, but you can tell that the host of the show has the pissed off arrogant view of the United States. He's using hyperboles and things like that to describe things.

That video pisses me off, but that is what you're going to see from the average cultural relativist. Facts are evaded. Well facts aren't evaded. Reality is evaded and facts are ignored. Hyperboles are used and it literally destroys definitions of words. When you call Bush a "dictator", you're really destroying the word.

See how he says "stolen" elections when she brings democracy. We all know this guy doesn't think Obama stole the election and thinks Bush did. Reality and facts tell us that neither of them stole anything and the elections were fair, but not to the cultural relativist.

I don't think I can talk much more on this topic because it upsets me. It makes me mad. And I have trouble with people that try to evade reality. You guys can read through this post and get a better idea of how this is being done.


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  1. Dr. Piranha // November 16, 2011 at 4:02 AM  

    Every argument, they I initially intended to be a civil debate, with people like this never ceases to cross that line of destroying reality. It stupidities me that people can always sidetrack the facts to try and price their point. And I honestly can't believe that they don't know they are doing this, basically they know they are lying. So it just terrifies me that so many people will blatantly lie just to persuade you to their cause.

    I was always brought up knowing there are more good than bad people in the worlds, and I still believe this. But sometimes the bad ones are just so damn strong and out of their mind with their made up propaganda, well I completely forget that there are more good. But what always strikes true, and is the reason so many people easily ignore the facts and jump ship to the relativist. Is because the insane, corrupt, evil, relativist will always scream louder than the rational person. And a lot of people will just follow whomever will yell the loudest, and put on the biggest show, and them follows the media because all they want is the big show.

    Makes me so darn sick I could cry and pull my hair out.