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There are two types of people that scare me; those that are really into their religion and those that are into the communist/socialist ideology. People often view the religious right as a polar opposite of communism. We have people on one side voting conservative and people on the other side voting liberal. Both hate each other with a passion and would be offended by being linked to the other group. That's what I'm going to do.

Communism and the religious right both have a philosophy for which they live their lives and view the world. Behind that philosophy comes the concept of values and morality, which both contain. All these beliefs, views, political stances are defined on the values and morality (right and wrong).

At this point you see absolutely no similarities, but it isn't until you look at the core of the philosophies that you can truly understand the nature of both these beasts.

Sacrificing The Individual

Both of these groups believe (at the core) that sacrificing the individual is what needs to be done. Value and morality all come from the sacrifice of the individual.

Communists believe that the individual must sacrifice themselves to the "common good". From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs is derived from self sacrifice. Essentially the "common good" is God and you must sacrifice yourself to God to be a moral person.

The religious right believe that the individual must sacrifice themselves to the "will of God". This is where the concept of "social conservatism" comes from. It has nothing to do with the conservative philosophy itself, it is a branch of religious belief working with government to sacrifice the individual.

Self Sacrifice

Self Sacrifice is the goal of both groups. The communist utopia is a government-less place. There is no government there forcing you to sacrifice yourself to the "common good". For it to work, you must want to do it.

The religious right probably wouldn't fear the communist utopia if they could worship God. It would be their perfect society too. They could sacrifice their well being to other people. They could work for the well being of others, donate money to charities and attack those that dare put their self-interest first.

Self Sacrifice is a feeling created inside people through guilt and fear. A communist would say "how dare you spend your pay check on yourself when people are suffering?" The religious right would say "how dare you spend your pay check on yourself without giving to your fellow man? You'll be going to Hell, soon enough."

Forced Sacrifice

We live in the society of forced sacrifice. Through government, the religious right and communists run their agenda on people. We pay taxes while money is moved from those of ability, to those with needs. Homosexuals are denied the same contractual rights as heterosexuals.

The individual is constantly under assault.

The Morality is Altruism

I'm going to define this as a religion and it does encompass both groups. This is a moral view that the individual must be selfless, must put themselves second to the will of others.

Charity and welfare are the same things, except the religious right like charity and the communists like welfare. Each one defines value and goodness from an individuals ability to sacrifice to another.

...But Isn't Giving Good?

Why is giving good? Most of us accept at face value that giving is good and self sacrifice is a virtue. We're taught that from childhood. Have you actually asked why?

Why is it moral to not consume for yourself and let someone else consume on your labor?

Why is it moral to sacrifice the productive to the unproductive?

Why is it moral to put your self-interest below someone elses?

There is an inherent contradiction in this morality, which makes it moot. It's moral to give to someone else, who will use it for their own self-interest, but if you don't give and use it for your own self-interest - you're sinning (you're greedy, piggish).

I don't expect to get through to communists because from what I understand with interacting with them is that they don't have a concept of morality (right and wrong) or a concept of rights and things of this nature. They sacrificed themselves to the "common good" along time ago.

I don't expect to get through to the religious right either since they've sacrificed themselves to God along time ago.

I just wanted both of you to know that you walk hand-in-hand in the destruction of the individual. And even though you view yourselves as opposites, you actually believe in the same things, just not the same methods.


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I thought it was important to talk about the failure of stimulus. I've always been against this, but to really understand, you have to recognize why they believe it to be true. We all believe in things, but often why you believe in it is more important.

There are inherent problems with the philosophy behind this stimulus. You'll be noticing a few very important things. The first is that the average Joe and below (Middle Class to Poor) are the ones that will be stimulating. Secondly, the belief that consumption is the key to stimulus. Lastly, that money can be taken from producers to fund this.

I suppose the whole philosophical backing comes from the idea that consumption is the key to stimulus. I often hear people say that if people would just spend there money, there wouldn't be a problem. Even though spending is part of what makes an economy run, it really isn't a stimulus. I don't like the word stimulus, so I'll just call it by what the objective is, more wealth for the economy. That's essentially what we want.

We all know that if the government taxes people in the economy and gives it to other people to spend, we haven't created new wealth. All we've done is redistributed wealth, not increased it.

The government has choices and it appears like this one is going to take from the productive and give to the middle class and poor. They'll give this through rebate checks, bigger welfare checks, bigger unemployment checks, etc. The idea is that the little guy needs to spend their money to stay afloat and that will force them to use it, instead of saving it or paying off debt.

The real heart of the economy comes from the producers. People like to think that pieces of paper in their wallet are wealth, but they're not. They're only representations of wealth in the economy. Just because the government gives you more paper, doesn't mean the producers have created more wealth.

That's my whole beef.

It is the producers that create the wealth, the jobs, and the standard of living we have. Despite all the anti-capitalism and anti-profit people in Washington, this fact will remain. You can curse them out and hate them all, but they're the ones producing.

What Washington and all the other governments around the world need to do is make it easier for the producers to get to work. That means corporate taxes need to be cut or eliminated. That means capital gains taxes need to be cut or eliminated. Red tape needs to be cut back or eliminated.

If you want people to be working, you need to allow producers to produce because that is the only thing that will ever create a job.


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