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The Similarities of the Religious Right and Communism

There are two types of people that scare me; those that are really into their religion and those that are into the communist/socialist ideology. People often view the religious right as a polar opposite of communism. We have people on one side voting conservative and people on the other side voting liberal. Both hate each other with a passion and would be offended by being linked to the other group. That's what I'm going to do.

Communism and the religious right both have a philosophy for which they live their lives and view the world. Behind that philosophy comes the concept of values and morality, which both contain. All these beliefs, views, political stances are defined on the values and morality (right and wrong).

At this point you see absolutely no similarities, but it isn't until you look at the core of the philosophies that you can truly understand the nature of both these beasts.

Sacrificing The Individual

Both of these groups believe (at the core) that sacrificing the…

The Failure of Stimulus

I thought it was important to talk about the failure of stimulus. I've always been against this, but to really understand, you have to recognize why they believe it to be true. We all believe in things, but often why you believe in it is more important.

There are inherent problems with the philosophy behind this stimulus. You'll be noticing a few very important things. The first is that the average Joe and below (Middle Class to Poor) are the ones that will be stimulating. Secondly, the belief that consumption is the key to stimulus. Lastly, that money can be taken from producers to fund this.

I suppose the whole philosophical backing comes from the idea that consumption is the key to stimulus. I often hear people say that if people would just spend there money, there wouldn't be a problem. Even though spending is part of what makes an economy run, it really isn't a stimulus. I don't like the word stimulus, so I'll just call it by what the objective is, more weal…