I thought it was about time that I did a post on global warming because I'm disgusted with what is being done in the name of "science". There are a lot of things missing and I think anyone with their bachelors in any science degree would notice this.

Ordinary people seem to blindly accepted what is being told to them without fully understanding. Scientists are not Gods and what they say doesn't necessarily make it true.

Prior Belief

If a scientist believes global warming is real before they do a test on it, what do you think they will conclude? Global warming is real. If a scientist believes global warming is a farce before they do a test on it, what do you think they will conclude? Global warming is false.

If you have strong beliefs on something before you look at the data, than you're going to rationalize the data to fit your belief and conclude that your belief has been proven. You're going to make assumptions, all studies have assumptions, on what things mean and you'll inevitably conclude to your belief.

A lot of people don't understand this and that is why we're having a hard time getting anywhere. Prevailing belief has always been against progress of knowledge. It doesn't matter if it is religion or people that believed the earth was flat. Due to the massive global warming propaganda machine, people believe global warming is real and they'll do anything to rationalize it.

It's pretty apparent that if it is hot in your town, that's not an observation of "global" warming, yet it seems to be good enough for the likes of Al Gore to use it as data. Yet, if it is cold - you never see the double standard. Belief is a powerful tool in the area of science.

Josh Willis Global Warming Studies

Josh Willis is a NASA scientist that measured ocean temperatures. From 1993 - 2003 they came up with some warming values. From 2003-2006 there was a significant decline in these ocean temperatures. He published his paper and guess what his conclusion was... global warming is causing this. Essentially all the melting ice caps were cooling the water supply.


A few years later Josh Willis revised this paper. He ended up removing data he believes to be an error and this ended up showing that the oceans were indeed getting hotter. Guess what his conclusion was... global warming is causing this.

John Willis Rationalization

Does anyone see the inherent bias? Essentially in his mind global warming is real. It didn't matter which way the data was going to come out, he was going to rationalize it.

If the temperatures got colder, it was due to global warming.

If the temperatures got warmer, it was due to global warming.

You can also bet if the temperatures remained the same he would conclude some proof that global warming caused it.

Anyone that is a global warming believer should see the inherent problem with this type of thinking. Belief and bias will always exist, but if you're just going to rationalize your belief no matter what, than how is that science?

The Problem

This is considered the "science" of global warming, but it is apparently obvious that this isn't proof. We don't have people looking for the truth or giving an objective look at things, they are rationalizing a belief.

The Media, Government and Science

You have to watch out when these three entities get together. The media is always looking for the biggest and most sensational stories to run. Scaring people is a great way to keep people at home and watching the television. "We're all going to die" is much better from a media perspective than "everything is alright".

The government has one goal in mind, find problems and offer themselves as a solution. Global warming would be a big problem and would require a huge government presence to combat it.

Lastly, most scientists receive their funding directly or indirectly from the government. The only scientists that do not are engineers (the businessmen of science). Government controls their pay checks, the funding for their studies and can inevitably cut the funding to anyone that contradicts the government.

Environmentalist Ideology

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is a driving ideology behind this. Most people aren't huge fanatic environmentalists, but most have been indoctrinated in some way by it.

The ideology is very simple; the earth/environment/mother nature/ecosystem is more valuable than human beings. This is why every single environmental group has some sort of leader that talks about the need for humans to die off or placing more value over a fish than a human being.

The average person doesn't think this way, but the average person does seem to feel guilty about the way we are. If we cut down trees to build a home, there is guilt. If we pump oil out of the ground to use for our benefit, there is guilt. This all inevitably comes down to one simple belief; man is evil.

You'll notice that most global warming believers are against capitalism, against globalization, against free trade because these are the very things that bring us wealth. Wealth is achieved through using the environment for our benefit, which is inherently evil.

I suppose I'm a bit off track there. My point is that when you have strong beliefs about something, you'll use any data to rationalize the belief. It doesn't matter if you're a creationist that sees Jesus in their french toast or a global warming scientist that is going to prove global warming no matter what the data says.


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