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Can You Really Borrow From The Future?

As all my readers should know, I'm against deficit spending of any government in any condition. There is just no reason for it. With that said, people often say that "we're borrowing from the future". I do agree that the future will have to pay it back, but my beef is with borrowing from the future. Can you do it?

You Can't Borrow From The Future

People usually look at money the wrong way and the idea of debt. Money is just paper that is a representation of value. Just because you print more off, doesn't mean the world is more wealthy or that you "borrowed" from the future.

The proper way for the government to deficit spend is by offering the market bonds. What happens is that money leaves the economy and goes to the government to spend. The net change to the economy is zero.

Or if you need a real world example - borrowing money from a friend. If I borrow $100 from you, the net gain to society is zero. I have $100 more, you have a $100 less, so it all b…

Should Religion Be Taxed?

In today's society, religions don't pay any form of tax. Understanding a little history will show you how we got to this state. When you go back in time, you'll notice that state and religion were one. Governments and countries were created around a central religion. This ended up alienating others and most of them fled to North America to avoid this.

The idea back then was that religion and churches couldn't survive without the government. Soon separation between church and state was created in the United States after the revolution. We learned that religion could in fact survive without the state backing it.

It was still believed that religion was fragile and couldn't handle the burden of tax, so they don't pay it.

Religion Should Pay Taxes

This is my stance, even though I'm not a person that approves of taxes. I do believe that the government should treat everyone and everything as equals, so I don't see how it can view one entity as taxable and an other…

Bias And Belief on Global Warming Science

I thought it was about time that I did a post on global warming because I'm disgusted with what is being done in the name of "science". There are a lot of things missing and I think anyone with their bachelors in any science degree would notice this.

Ordinary people seem to blindly accepted what is being told to them without fully understanding. Scientists are not Gods and what they say doesn't necessarily make it true.

Prior Belief

If a scientist believes global warming is real before they do a test on it, what do you think they will conclude? Global warming is real. If a scientist believes global warming is a farce before they do a test on it, what do you think they will conclude? Global warming is false.

If you have strong beliefs on something before you look at the data, than you're going to rationalize the data to fit your belief and conclude that your belief has been proven. You're going to make assumptions, all studies have assumptions, on what things mean…

Can Spending Solve the Economic Crisis?

There seems to be a lot of so called "experts" on the economy that have been calling for the financial bailout, the bailout of the Big 3 and are for this massive government spending called "stimulus". It seems like everyone is panicking and doesn't have the first clue on what to do, so they just want to throw money at the problem.

Ideological Issue

I think a lot of the people that support this "stimulus" assume that as long as people are working, the economy will improve and get better. If you make sure people are making some doe, they'll spend it and the economy will eventually bounce back.

I used to think that way. I remember thinking when I was in high school, "Why don't they have a Jobs Political Party? They'd only have one goal and that's to make sure people can work and make money. As long as people are working and making money, things are great."

There's a problem I see with thinking like this...

Jobs = Value

That is a …