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Walmart Sucks? Walmart Rocks!

Nothing annoys me more than the people out there that say Walmart Sucks. It is something that I find to be so stupid and ignorant. When you get right down to it, it isn't really about Walmart, it's an ideological issue with a lot of people. Walmart is the business that people love to hate.

  1. Success is Bad
  2. Being Good is Bad
  3. Helping the Low Income Bad
  4. Making Profits is Bad
I love Walmart. I shop there because they have the best prices. I think it's irresponsible to buy something at another store for more, when it is cheaper at Walmart. That's like handing over your hard earned money to someone that is incompetent. The funny thing about it is that the people that hate Walmart, shop there. Hypocrites all the way.

1. Success is Bad

Walmart is king of retail. They have a ton of stores and they do a ton of business each day. Anytime a person goes to Walmart, it's busy. So many people go to this place and love it. With all the attacks by left wing unions, Walmart is packed all the time. When there are job openings, thousands are applying for them.

Walmart is successful and people don't like that. They'd prefer mom and pop run business to become successful. I think they fail to see that mom and pop would grow their business into a Walmart-like corporation.

2. Being Good is Bad

Just about everything you can find in Walmart is cheaper than what you'll find at other stores. Why? Because Walmart is good at what it does. Other businesses just aren't that good at it.

I'm not sure why people have such a problem with Walmart being so good at what they do. I think they dream of living in a world of businesses that suck at what they do.

3. Helping The Low Income is Bad

Walmart doesn't make yachts for the rich or luxury SUVs for the upper class, it is doing business with low income people in society. They help millions of low income people EVERY SINGLE DAY by keeping prices as low as they can possibly go. Why would anyone buy a $3 tube of tooth paste at a mom and pop business, when Walmart is selling it for a $1.50?

For some reason people think that the only way to help the poor is to redistribute wealth and write them a check. Making it cheaper to live is much better because there is no handouts, there is no cost to tax payers and it encompasses the philosophy of individual responsibility.

4. Making Profits is Bad

I don't understand why profit is a sin or dirty word. Profit is good. Money is good. I bet all those Walmart haters wouldn't turn down a single pay raise at work. It's so easy to condemn Walmart for making billions every year because these people are obviously jealous and believe they are owed some it (entitlement attitude). I don't see any of these narcissistic Walmart haters taking out multibillion dollar loans setting up mega centers all over North America and moving 100's of millions of goods around the world, while selling them at rock bottom prices. I think when you can do all that, you deserve all the rewards.


That's just the ideology part. There is a lot of misconceptions out there that people assume are true. That Walmart is just a horrible beast that needs to be stopped and the self-proclaimed narcissists of the world are the ones to do it.

Walmart Doesn't Destroy Communities

I think people need to screw their heads on straight because this is the stupidest thing I've heard in my life. Walmart builds a building, puts merchandise in it at rock bottom prices and opens its doors. If that "destroys" communities, than every single mom and pop shop is destroying communities.


Do you know why? Walmart doesn't have that power. You know who runs mom and pop out of business? Consumers. People choose to shop where they want and Walmart is obviously more in tuned to what consumers want. That's a fact.

You can call that "destroying communities". I call it "evolution".


For a conclusion, just stop the Walmart hating. Get a hobby and do something else with your time instead of crusading on some liberal cause. Shop where you want and leave it at that.


Anonymous said…
You're missing the point.

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