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Walmart Sucks? Walmart Rocks!

Nothing annoys me more than the people out there that say Walmart Sucks. It is something that I find to be so stupid and ignorant. When you get right down to it, it isn't really about Walmart, it's an ideological issue with a lot of people. Walmart is the business that people love to hate.

Success is BadBeing Good is BadHelping the Low Income BadMaking Profits is BadI love Walmart. I shop there because they have the best prices. I think it's irresponsible to buy something at another store for more, when it is cheaper at Walmart. That's like handing over your hard earned money to someone that is incompetent. The funny thing about it is that the people that hate Walmart, shop there. Hypocrites all the way.

1. Success is Bad

Walmart is king of retail. They have a ton of stores and they do a ton of business each day. Anytime a person goes to Walmart, it's busy. So many people go to this place and love it. With all the attacks by left wing unions, Walmart is packed all the…

The Wall Street Bailout is Wrong!

I thought it was extremely important that I talk about this since the Senate just passed a version of the Wall Street Bailout bill. I think this is so wrong and most American's agree that it is wrong, but yet again politicians ignore it.

I really can't get over the media either. They're pushing this as hard as they can and I really think there is some sort of agenda. I enjoy watching CNBC and I've found myself getting very sick of all the commentary of people on there wanting the bailout. I guess it just shows you that the real capitalists are dead and investors are looking for their version of welfare.

I'm going to tell you why the Wall Street bailout is wrong and I'm going to talk to you about the ideals of capitalism.

Capitalism is a system that isn't designed to be a perfect machine that produces the the best results all the time. It is a machine that does run efficiently and good though. What is happening with the Federal government is an attack on capita…