Well, I'm sure most of you have been hearing for the last couple months that America is in a recession. The world is coming to an end because the sky is falling. Doom and gloom always makes the headlines, but when things prove not to be a doom and gloom scenario, you'll probably miss out. The American economy is not in a recession.

I thought I'd share a few things on this topic because the scary recession will always peak headlines in the future. It is best to think of this in an individual person in the economy. That's the best way to look at things. Do you think a person would voluntarily decide to produce less and make less money on their own? No! Of course not. So there is no reason to believe a working economy would recess itself.

The only way a recession can be started is from ignorant policies which end up being forced on individuals in the market place. The only entity that can force ignorant policies onto individuals is the government. Has much changed with regards to the way the government allows business to be done in America? Not really. There is no need to think that the economy would go into a recession.

That's not to say there are a lot of little things that need to be fixed. We are at the mercy of fiat currency and the government regulators that control the supply, excessive regulations and taxes on business, and taxes individuals pay. With all that you just can't paint a doom and gloom picture.

Every time I hear the "doom and gloom" scenario, I always look out the window and everything is exactly the same as the "booms". Nothing is different. When you goto the grocery stores and there isn't enough food on the shelves for you to feed your family, than you can start crying "doom and gloom".

Recession? There is no recession. Free markets move forward because that is what they do.


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