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The FCC and Cell Phones

When the FCC was first created it was supposed to have a few simple tasks. The first was setting industry standards for electronic devices. The second was to handle leasing out frequencies to businesses like radio stations. Somewhere along the way, they decided they had more power to do other things like censorship and regulate.

Cell phones have a very simple thing they do; if you sign up for a contract for a designated period of time and break it, you will have to pay a standard fee. This is based on the concept that they gave you a free or cheap phone, as long as you got service with them for a specific point in time. If you break that contract, you had to pay a standard $200 fee.

The FCC wants to change that and make a more "fair" system of repaying back. Unfortunately, the government doesn't have know what the concept of fair is and will ultimately help people that break contracts.

Here are the facts: Consenting adults are allowed to enter into contracts. Cell phone companies clearly spell it out that you will get this "new" phone as long as you keep the service for a predetermined amount of time. If you, the consenting adult, choose to break the contract than you have every reason to pay a fee. The FCC doesn't need to come in a act as your parents.

The FCC rides on top of "good intentions", but here is what is going to happen. People that act dishonest and break contract will get off easy. Good people that follow their contract and use a cell phone service will have to make up the difference. It is just what will happen. "Good intentions" usually degrade to helping the bad and hurting the good.

I hear people whine when I tell them this. They say, "All cell phone companies want a contract. There's no way of escaping it." It's pretty obvious these people are not looking hard enough. You can find plenty at Walmart. You can even buy them off of eBay and get no contract service.


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