For some reason in society, people take environmentalists seriously. Science is the core of what makes our society so prosperous. They inevitably try to use science (or science talk) to get points across.

Look at that guy above. What comes to mind? No job, lives with mom, high and takes arts courses at his local university. As an engineer, I never seen anyone like this in any of the classes I took. I only saw them when I took the occasional arts course.

Why do people listen to them? I think deep down people feel guilty for owning two cars and having a home. Either way, people feel guilty for enjoying the luxuries created by man for man. But that is enough digressing, back to science.

A local environmentalist is up at the podium giving a speech about acid rain, he chants loudly with immense passion in his voice, "We need to lower the PH level to zero!!" The crowd erupts in screams of support. Everyone chants, but no one realized this person just called for rain that is like battery acid.

If you're familiar with Penn & Teller's show on Showtime, you'd know that they tried to demonstrate how stupid environmentalists are. They decided to see how many people they could get to sign a petition for banning water. They called water by it's chemical name, dihydrogen monoxide, and gave accurate information about water. They'd say, "they use it on crops", "it's in our drinking water", "excessive amounts can cause you to vomit and even die". All true about water.

Every single environmentalist they asked at a rally to save the rain forest signed the petition. Not a single person questioned, objected or had the scientific intellect to figure it out. These people allied to this idea this antiman movement naturally.

Why do people feel the need to demonize the greatness of man?

I think that is a good question. We we supposed to live in the woods along with the animals?


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