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Chavez Follows The 1984 Manifesto

Chavez has recently used his powers to turn Venezuela into a spy on your neighbors country. This comes right out of George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four, which is Orwell's take on the communist Soviet Union.

For me, this isn't news. I knew this guy was a power crazy communist that doesn't care about free markets or individual rights, but the alarming part is that there are people that support him. I remember talking to a friend about how Chavez nationalized all the oil fields in the country. He order the army to come in and steal the property of oil companies. He thought it was great. Those oil companies "deserved" it. Than Chavez went a little further and started going after private television stations that present opposing views. I'm told by my friend, "he's making the country a better place. It is necessary because of the problems caused by American involvement in the past." The story goes on with more horrible news coming out about Chavez.

I realized something, people that claim to be compassionate, good people, that care about the "little guy", don't care about freedom. They don't care about rights, or due process. They don't have a problem with dictators as long as their man is in power.

This sickens me that people hold this ideal. I don't support dictators that put my policies in place. I don't support governments that take away my rights and run my life the way I want. Do people have a moral constitution anymore? A principle they live by? I don't know anymore.

Chavez is not a good man. He's seizing more power each day and turning Valenzuela into another poverty ridden socialist state. He appears to be extremely paranoid, probably because everyone in the country wants him dead. He now has the police and intelligent agencies coercing people to spy on their neighbors. Don't want to do it? You goto jail for 4 years.

No one should follow such people. He has tried to take control of this country through a military coup, he's taking over everything, imposing restrictions on people's rights. If this isn't the definition of a megalomaniac, I don't know what is.

Danny Glover, it is time to divorce Chavez.


Anonymous said…
Chavez is the best leader the World ever had.

Make us a favour, stay in the US with your retarded Dubbya Bush monkey and dont come out.
Christopher said…
I think it's fair to say that I will never goto Venezuela, unless I'm looking to experience poverty and suppressed freedom.

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