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A Week in Capitalism [June 21 2008]

This is another weekly installment of my capitalist posts of the week. It's the time where I share what I liked around the net.

You should check out my post on the entitlement attitude of some people that makes them think they can steal intellectual property.

I've always hated Apple, and a lot of it had to do with the type of customers they had and the fact that they steal to make their products, but Apple wants a Ma Bell monopoly.

Google is working with the Lunar X prize to the first privately funded group that can land a robot of some sorts on the moon and have it transmit information back to earth.

John Stossel calls for ending the drug war, not because he wants to get high, but because he believes in the most important property right, owning your body.

The "Entitlement" Attitude of Pirating

I enjoy hanging out at Digg to hear the stories. I've just got active again after a year of absence. The site has really gone down in quality. It seems to be over run with Barak Obama and environmental propaganda.

There has been a lot of action internationally with government with regards to beefing up intellectual property rights. The main two on Digg are from Canada and France.

You'd think they'd be digging(voting) for these stories because it protects intellectual property from people that steal. Well, that isn't the case. Everyone there feels entitled to steal music, movies, software and whatever else they can get their hands on. When did this become right? These people feel so entitled to these things. Software, music and movies cost a lot of money to build. Taking it and benefiting it without compensating the owner is stealing. There is no other way around it.

Of course all my comment get buried(Voted down) because I express these views. I hear these common rebuttal…

The FCC and Cell Phones

When the FCC was first created it was supposed to have a few simple tasks. The first was setting industry standards for electronic devices. The second was to handle leasing out frequencies to businesses like radio stations. Somewhere along the way, they decided they had more power to do other things like censorship and regulate.

Cell phones have a very simple thing they do; if you sign up for a contract for a designated period of time and break it, you will have to pay a standard fee. This is based on the concept that they gave you a free or cheap phone, as long as you got service with them for a specific point in time. If you break that contract, you had to pay a standard $200 fee.

The FCC wants to change that and make a more "fair" system of repaying back. Unfortunately, the government doesn't have know what the concept of fair is and will ultimately help people that break contracts.

Here are the facts: Consenting adults are allowed to enter into contracts. Cell phone com…

Capitalist News For The Week [June 14 2008]

Time for all the great capitalist goodies for this week that I've seen. I first would like to start out and share my article on the Anti-Knowledge Dogma which seems to think knowledge isn't possible.

Did you hear? With all the "evil" pollution and "evil" privatized health care in America, the life expectancy just keeps rising. Life expectancy surpasses 78 years.

Canada is currently proposing stronger property rights over intellectual property which can be distributed over the internet. Strong copyright laws in Canada.

Idiot, Lou Dobbs, may run for Governor of New Jersey.

Are you smart? Well, apparently the government doesn't want you to be a police officer.

The thought police are alive and active in Canada. As much as I disagree with this persons thoughts, I do believe he has a right to express them.

Do Environmentalists Know Science?

For some reason in society, people take environmentalists seriously. Science is the core of what makes our society so prosperous. They inevitably try to use science (or science talk) to get points across.

Look at that guy above. What comes to mind? No job, lives with mom, high and takes arts courses at his local university. As an engineer, I never seen anyone like this in any of the classes I took. I only saw them when I took the occasional arts course.

Why do people listen to them? I think deep down people feel guilty for owning two cars and having a home. Either way, people feel guilty for enjoying the luxuries created by man for man. But that is enough digressing, back to science.

A local environmentalist is up at the podium giving a speech about acid rain, he chants loudly with immense passion in his voice, "We need to lower the PH level to zero!!" The crowd erupts in screams of support. Everyone chants, but no one realized this person just called for rain that is like bat…

The Anti-Knowledge Dogma

I was having a discussion with some people online about global warming. I'm not a believer in it due to having a fundamental understanding of science and heat transfer. I often wonder why people believe in it, since there is absolutely no proof.

I usually have the discussion and I work it down to the believers to present the "proof" that CO2 causes warming. I always knew environmentalists were dogmatic in the first place, but this really took the cake, in science there is no way to make proofs, but it's happening and I should just take his word for it.

Yes, this is by far the craziest thing I've ever heard. The only "science" you can't make proofs in is "soft" sciences, like psychology. The reason is because you can't measure anything. There really isn't nothing to measure on people to know if they're a serial killer or not.

I just hate the anti-knowledge people. It's so degrading to the minds of men that made this world gre…

The Oil Bubble Will Pop

I know it sucks having to pay for gas at this time, but I think it is apparently obvious that things are heading into a bubble. Should the price of oil be up? Yes. We have more demand than ever before, but this isn't prices going up with respect to demand, it's going up by speculators.

Prices are determined by speculators and they're really getting creative with thought. The oil market is really out of place and no one can seem to find equilibrium. That is fine, the market will find it. It will suck in the mean time, but it will go back to a normal level.

We are in a bubble because things are just acting weird. It's going up very high for minor issues and this is what is going to happen. POP!

I saw this over at the CNN website, so at least the mainstream media is at least starting to get it.

Dangerous Environmentalism: The Anti-Man Movement

Most people view environmentalism as great caring people, that are looking out for "mother nature". I call it dangerous environmentalism.

The fact of the matter is that environmentalism is a movement of damning mankind. Think about it. Anything that is done that adds benefit and a higher standard of living to people is "evil". They view nature, in itself, as value. I guess this where I differ because trees, rocks, rivers, etc aren't really of value to me. It's when these things are used that value comes to people.

This would be the simple ideological differences:

Environmentalist: Using the Earth is evil.
Humanist: The Earth is here for us to use to better ourselves, just as every other animal uses it to better themselves.

Environmentalist: Stopping starvation only hurts the Earth.
Humanist: Saving lives is a good thing.

Environmentalist: Putting anything into the air is wrong.
Humanist: Putting a little pollution into the air has allowed us to more than double our…

Saturday Capitalist Links [June 7 2008]

I thought this could be a fun little thing to do. Instead of doing a regular post on Saturdays, I'll post some of the best articles I seen around related to capitalism and individual rights.

1. Only in France could the idea of nationalizing line dancing float. If you want to dance, you're going to need to get a diploma.

2. When are YOU going to die from global warming? Find out here.

3. What you need to know about "just" prices.

4. There is a one minute case against global warming.

5. Is Obama a Marxist?

Chavez Follows The 1984 Manifesto

Chavez has recently used his powers to turn Venezuela into a spy on your neighbors country. This comes right out of George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four, which is Orwell's take on the communist Soviet Union.

For me, this isn't news. I knew this guy was a power crazy communist that doesn't care about free markets or individual rights, but the alarming part is that there are people that support him. I remember talking to a friend about how Chavez nationalized all the oil fields in the country. He order the army to come in and steal the property of oil companies. He thought it was great. Those oil companies "deserved" it. Than Chavez went a little further and started going after private television stations that present opposing views. I'm told by my friend, "he's making the country a better place. It is necessary because of the problems caused by American involvement in the past." The story goes on with morehorriblenews coming out about Cha…

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is something I thought about for many years. I had many different views on it and I keep coming to one conclusion. It's a lot easier when you look at this from a moral stand point of right and wrong.

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property are rights granted to people over ideas and other intangible objects. These are best known as patents and copyrights. The whole basis boils down to the fact that the hard work of someone, even though it is intangible, is the property of the creator.

I ran into a lot of conflict with my views on this because I use to think of ways of efficiency instead of right and wrong.

The Moral View

The moral view is very simple. The hard work a person, even though it is intangible (like music or software), is the owner of the creator. If a person wants to benefit from this creation, they need to compensate the creator of it. As simple as that. That's the only thing that is right.

You just can't morally steal someone'…

I'm Pro Flat Tax

I'm a person that likes simplicity, so that is why I'm pro flat tax. I have taxes taken off my pay check before I even get my money, but I still have to file taxes. I don't enjoy filling out 9 pages of information on taxes I've already paid, but this is how the government works.

To show you the magnitude of how complex our progressive tax system is, think of the amount of jobs people have to just do government tax work. Just think of every business out there that has 1, 2 or 3 payroll employees working full time. Think of how big a department of a large corporation has working, just on payroll. That doesn't even include taxes. Huge sums of people have these jobs that produce absolutely no benefit to the world. All they do is go through the red tape of government.

Think of how many good paying jobs that would be created for people if we had a simple tax system. These jobs would now be more important to the economy because they add benefit to people, not just wasting t…

The Pros And Cons of Capitalism

I thought I'd do a post on the pros and cons of capitalism. I think it is pretty apparent that capitalism is the best social system in existence and the only one that follows good moral values, such as individual freedom.

The Pros of Capitalism
You are free to make your own choices (right or wrong) in the market place.You own your life and the means to produce for your life.You can choose to run your own business or get a job with ease of government regulation.As a consumer, you get the highest quality of products for the cheapest prices.As a consumer, you get the highest variety of the types of goods and services you can purchase.You are free to innovate and invent without the government getting in your way.You don't have to pay taxes beyond that of the basics to protect your rights (police, courts, national defense, etc).You vote with your dollars. If you don't like a particular store, you can always shop somewhere else.You have the right to own property, which comes with …

Wikipedia: A Flawed Ideal

Wikipedia isn't as great as people think. It becomes apparently obvious when you start to edit, what it really means and what it really stands for.

The ideals of Wikipedia isn't to present the facts freely to people to view. It doesn't have any desire for that.

Wikipedia: Where Fact is Based on Popularity

People just seem to miss out that it isn't trying to get the "facts" it is trying to get the most popular ideas on there. Facts are undisputed pieces of information, but that isn't what gets put on Wikipedia all the time. Anything that is remotely controversial, political, religious, etc becomes a distortion of public opinion rather than fact.

I think this is driving us back to the old collective thoughts of the "flat earth". Just look at controversial topics that seem to be dominated by popular opinion rather than fact. Environmentalism is a key topic where everything is distorted to a "liberal bias". I hate using that term, but it's…

Recession? What Recession?

Well, I'm sure most of you have been hearing for the last couple months that America is in a recession. The world is coming to an end because the sky is falling. Doom and gloom always makes the headlines, but when things prove not to be a doom and gloom scenario, you'll probably miss out. The American economy is not in a recession.

I thought I'd share a few things on this topic because the scary recession will always peak headlines in the future. It is best to think of this in an individual person in the economy. That's the best way to look at things. Do you think a person would voluntarily decide to produce less and make less money on their own? No! Of course not. So there is no reason to believe a working economy would recess itself.

The only way a recession can be started is from ignorant policies which end up being forced on individuals in the market place. The only entity that can force ignorant policies onto individuals is the government. Has much changed with rega…