Sometimes I think society understands some things, but they end up not. It disappoints me because it really is sad. What comes first? Individual rights? or The will of society?

The way it is supposed to work in our country is individual rights, but a lot of people think the will of society comes first. It's this thought process that sends us down the road of collectivism from the moral system that recognizes a person's individual rights.

The greatest prosperity ever created in the history of mankind was created on the principles of individual rights. People came to America with absolutely nothing and turned this country into the most prosperous ever. It grew on the ideals that the individual has the right to choose their path and that the individual's right to do that came before the will of society.

Collective thought exists, but when it comes to collective thought in government it is dangerous. We're not supposed to be in a country where free speech is fine, if it is approved, where your right to privacy exists, if society wants to give it. Seriously, what could be next that society would approve of? I've heard people that would support KGB style kidnappings in the middle of the night.

The will of society always comes off as something we should follow, but I truly don't like it because it is dangerous. The will of society can't determine what is best for me, only I can do that. We need to step back from this collective thought process and embrace the ideals of individual rights and allow people to live their lives.


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