It often amazes me how there is such a movement of people that are opposed to tax cuts. They view it as letting the rich not pay their "fair share", whatever that is supposed to mean. I think these people lack the foresight of basic economics and I think they already are content with their life, and they don't see the need to change.

Well, there are other people out there that aren't content with their life. It's not where they want to buy. They could be saving up for a home, but it would take less time if they had more of their money going into their pocket rather than the government's pocket.

Tax Cuts Benefit The Rich

Yes they do. This allows the people that create jobs, that create luxury, that make the new and exciting products that we use have more capital to invest in these types of projects. What does this do? It creates jobs, it creates luxury and it creates a higher standard of living.

It's not like the rich take all their money and hide it under a big mattress, so society can't have any. Most people that have excess money lying around invest it in new projects and businesses, creating new jobs for the ordinary person.

Tax Cuts Benefit The Middle Class and Poor

The middle class and poor benefit greatly from tax cuts. Not only is the economy booming with more new, exciting and higher paying jobs, but the ordinary Joe is allowed to keep more of the money they earn. When people have more expendable income, that leaves them in the position to raise their standard of living. This happens completely independent of government.

Tax cuts are the best form of building prosperity in a capitalist society. The more we cut taxes, the more money people have for themselves to increase their standards of living. If the government would allow people to earn what they produce for a living, we could eliminate poverty and homelessness.

When the ordinary people are allowed to have more of their own money, independent of government, they naturally use it to benefit their life; rich or poor.


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