It's no secret that both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton both hate free trade. They say they want to protect the interest of Americans and jobs. Which, as I discussed before is a form of corporate welfare. The bandwagon they stand on is the "fair trade" ideal. Fair? Ironic. If you think of the United States as "the world", than effectively there is free trade all around it. That isn't bad, it's good. What if states started putting up barriers? Starting taxing goods coming over its borders? Or stepping in to protect its businesses? The market would sour, good entrepreneurs would leave the market, the state and corporations would start to mold into one force with excessive lobbying and bribery.

The best way to understand why free trade is the best is to look at the individual in the market. You are able to buy the whatever product you want from any country. You aren't forced to buy "American". This often means a product that is higher quality or cheaper in price, often both. The most efficient industries will be in the market. No longer will inefficient businesses be able to stay afloat in the market place. This keeps the best labor doing the best work that the economy needs.

You'll often hear Obama/Clinton crying about all the lost manufacturing jobs. Why don't they talk about the millions of jobs created? Because that's too logical. They need to tap into people's emotions.

Manufacturing jobs just aren't viable anymore in America. It's cheaper to make them somewhere else. This is a good thing for consumers. If you work manufacturing, well tough luck. Your labor is better serving in a sector of the economy that needs it.

A lot of people don't understand how the anti-free trade ideal can be detrimental because we never get a chance to see the "what could of been". Just think of the time when 95% of the economy was agriculture. People worked on farms and some guy invents the tractor. A lot of people are going to lose their job because of this great tool. Barak and Clinton would be chanting "Ban the tractor, save jobs!" If Barak, Clinton and the rest of the anti-free trade crowd had their way back then we would all be working on a farm.


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