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Earth Day is Anti-Mankind

With Earth Day just finishing I thought I'd take the time and share with you why I detest it. The main reason is that it's anti-Mankind. It's a movement that hates what made us great. It hates mankind's accomplishments, success, luxury and standard of living.

Let me first say that I'm not advocating trashing the Earth. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep the air clean and water safe to drink, but most of the harmful pollutants have been taken care of long ago. Yes there is pollution going up in the air everyday, but it really isn't that bad. Consider the time before we started polluting to now. Our lifespans have doubled. I think that shows that pollution can have a positive effect on us.

With that said, we have eco-extremists that us for it. The idea of driving a car is like a sin. The fact that we can move food from one side of the world to here to feed people is a bad thing. They believe that mankind is not an animal and we're not part of this Earth. They seek to acquire a world that would exist if weren't here. Despite their desires, we are part of this Earth and we have every right to use it to our advantage.

Do eco-extremists attack beavers for making beaver dams even though they change the environment to their benefit, even if it means killing fish and other animals? No, because that is natural, but if a human does it, it is unnatural.

The Earth Day movement is an anti-mankind movement. The idea is that birds and flowers are more important than humans. I disagree. I believe we are more important than animals. We have done more with this Earth. We are capable of increasing our standards of living. We are capable of sustaining a huge population. We are able to rationalize and make sound choices.

I think people need to stop demonizing mankind for its success. Instead of painting the "Earth" as a victim, we should embrace it as something we use for our betterment. It is here for us to use and we should use it. I think it's immoral and wrong to leave potential sitting there on the Earth, refusing to use it. We should be more concerned about people starving rather than trying to ban plastic bags. If eco-extremists put as much energy into solving hunger as they do trying to demonize mankind, we would live in a world without starvation.


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