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Can Freedom Exist In A Socialist State?

Socialists would often say that you are "more" free in a socialist state. I'm not really sure how that would work, but they have a twisted view on morality.

Socialists and communists have a nice sounding ideology. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. It sounds good, but if you've ever talked to a socialists and ask how it works, you get into the dark twisted views.

The Difference between Capitalism and Socialism

Capitalism is the only social system that recognizes individual rights. In this system, it has the most important property right, and that is of yourself. You can choose to live your life and produce as you choose. You also get the fruits of your labor. You are not required to live for the life of another person, nor are you allowed to force someone to live their life for you.

Socialism works on the idea that there is no individual rights. The only form of morality is that told to you by society. Your job is to do exactly whatever you're told to do, by society. Your desires and motivations have to be to serve the needs of society. Individuality is a sin and the fruits of your labor are the property of society.

The idea of freedom in a socialist state is the freedom not to have to work for a boss. I'm not sure how that is a freedom, since it seems to be a freedom at the expense of someone else's freedom. You're also free to have someone else provide for you.

Socialism is a system that is a system of enslaving people to mob rule. There are no such things as individual rights or morality. You're property of the state and your needs are to serve society, instead of yourself. This breeds a society where the hardest people work, is as hard as the slowest person. This society will encourage people not to be smart, not to be innovated because you have to do twice as much work without any reward for it. There is no freedom with socialism, only slavery to society.


Anonymous said…
Yes, we in America see many enjoying freedom in a socialist state. Every time a so-called 'capitalist' corporation reaches into your pockets for a bail-out, you are seeing them enjoy their freedom to rob you in a socialist state. Of course, American capitalism is only socialism for rich corporations. For working people, we get to live under true capitalism, when business is bad, we suffer, if we go under, we get no bail-out. But we do get our taxes paid to benefit the rich as they enjoy the freedom of their bail-out. If you think the American economy is capitalist, and entrepenurial, and fair to all, then you're just not paying attention. Banks make bad loans and taxpayers bail them out, Goldman-Sachs sees bad times and the taxpayer bails them out, the same for Chrysler corp, North American Rockwell, Entergy of New Orleans. It's not capitalism, it's corporate socialism.
Christopher said…
I'm sorry, but I don't share your melodramatics when it comes to "capitalism". Yes, the government bails out business, but we're talking about very little. 99.99% of businesses are not receiving bailouts. End of story.

I find it comical to call it a "socialist" state, considering the United States government spends a lot less than the rest of the world(minus military expenses). I don't think I could ever compare the luxury of America to the bread lines of the Soviet Union, but I guess you have.

I'm not hear to judge banks because truthfully, I have no idea what they have to go through. They're forced to do business with the government central banking system (Federal Reserve), and I have no idea if they were put in between a rock and hard place to "please" government regulators.

In real capitalism a bank would have to deal with their poor choices, but did banks really make the poor choices? Did the government force them to fulfill the "American Dream" of home ownership in the 90's? I don't know. Hence why I don't judge.

I do find it funny that you think "your taxes" go and pay the "rich". Exxon pays as much taxes as 50% of the people paying taxes. All the oil companies in America pay 75% of the lower income tax payers. Do you have any idea how much money the government spends? Over three trillion(just the Federal government) this year. That's over $10,000 per person(not tax payer). The rich are getting hosed.

Get your facts straight.
Anonymous said…
The problem with socialism is two things:

Number one, the government can't properly control anything. Its been proven in the past by things such as social security and public education.

Don't agree with me that both are messed? Social security is taxpayer money, which is constantly pooled for all retirees and future retirees. The money is split evenly to all. But think about this, what happens when there are more retirees than there are taxpayers? The amount that the retirees receive drop, or the taxpayers have to pay more. Is that fair either way? Either the retirees put more into a program then they get out, and get ripped off, or the taxpayers start being forced to pay money for the higher generation, only to receive less in the future.

Public schools - Solutions have never been made for the public-private school switch off. It's hard for families to send their kids to private school when they're already paying for a public school. Another problem - what if you don't like the school in your district, and you want to go to a different school? Two choices, open-enrollment and pay for both, or go through the trouble of moving.

Notice that both of them use taxpayer money. The "socialism" idea will need a ton of taxpayer money. Who is paying for most of our taxes? The middle-class and up. Who doesn't pay a cent? The people on welfare. Well, my theory is that the more we tax the rich to give to the poor, the more poor our country becomes. I understand that there are lots of families struggling and are just on welfare for a while until they can get back up. But there are stupid people out there abusing the system. They take their welfare as a "paycheck". I've been told that there is a guy living in a million dollar home in my city that doesn't do anything but receive his welfare check every month. He obviously can't pay for it! It's ridiculous! So, if these people aren't smart enough to save their money and get a job, then whats the point of us giving them the money?

- Different than the first person that posted (obviously)
Tigran M. said…
The degree to which you are a passionate capitalist is as fascinating as it is frightening. You advocate an idea blindly, unaware of the possibility that you yourself may be a slave to it.

Capitalism may well recognise YOUR individual rights, but does it recognise the rights of a poverty-stricken African family who send their children to bed hungry every night?

Capitalism isn't confined to the West, it affects the whole world. It's a system driven by greed and profit. We have enough food to feed the world, but nearly a billion people in the world are malnourished - why? Because it's not profitable to feed them. And forget the world if you want, but there are homeless, poor people at your doorstep, in your country. And it's not true that they have as equal an opportunity as everyone to solve their problems, because they don't. Such equality doesn't quite exist in the America of today.

I'm not advocating Communism, but your analysis of the differences between Socialism and Capitalism are black and white - you need to put things in perspective.
Christopher said…

Your whole argument is that the concept of "need" means that I am a slave to others. I don't recognize that anyone's need grants them to the fruits of my production.

If you want to know why people in Africa go to bed hungry? Well, it has nothing to do with Capitalism. It's a convenient thing to blame it one, but I like to call spades a spade. People in Africa still believe in curses, believe in the "owl" god, and go to the local witch doctor when they're sick. When you believe in retarded things, you can believe in a retarded standard of living. It's just as simple as that.

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