Ask yourself, what happens when a business is successful? I'm not talking about a little successful, but big time successful? The government comes into punish it. We all strive to do our best and be the best. We all want more wealth and to live a higher standard of living, but the government doesn't play by those rules.

We've all heard it from different angles. It doesn't matter how the business is done or how many customers they serve or how much profit they make or how many businesses they run out of business. There will always be upset politicians ready to loot them.

  • Become too successful, than you are a monopolist.
  • Prices are too high, you're price gouging.
  • Prices are too low, it's unfair competition.
  • Prices are the same, it's a cartel.
I have a lot of respect for businesses because they're the ones that go out there everyday doing great things and they are hated for it. Exxon invests time, capital, labor, etc into pumping oil out of the ground and delivering it to the consumers. People are pumping their cars up right now that are working to elect politicians to undermine Exxon. The very people that shop at Walmart, secretly hate it and wants them to pay their workers more(when they already pay more than a lot of businesses out there).

Businesses are in a losing battle. They hold the world on their shoulders. They make the products that give us luxury. Yet, there are people that spend their time consuming this luxury, all the while, working to undermine the businesses out there by treating them as slaves.


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