The advantages of globalization are numerous and extremely beneficial to everyone that is involved. It is the most extensive form of prosperity building, anti-poverty policy the world has embraced. Yet, there are people that still hate it.


  • The economy becomes more efficient since there is more competition. Businesses that cannot compete fail. Countries that cannot compete in one sector are forced to get into a more efficient market.
  • The consumer always wins. Despite the rhetoric about protecting jobs, there are more consumers than job takers. Forcing someone to buy from an inefficient business and pay more for it, is immoral.
  • Prosperity grows for everyone. Look at China and India. They used to be horrible places to live. But with the globalization movement and the opening up of markets to foreign competition has pushed these two countries into huge booms. People are having higher standards of living because of this. People that couldn't even afford a car are driving them now. If only countries in Africa could get on the globalization movement, could we start to build prosperity there and stop aids.
  • Freedom prevails. Free market capitalism is the only moral political system. It is the only one that embraces individual freedom. People are now allowed to compete globally, to buy globally as they see fit. They no longer need the governments permission. I can hire a web designer in India for half the cost of one here. I don't need permission to do so. And I and the guy I hire in India are both better off for our exchange of money for services.
Even with all the known facts on the greatness of globalization, there are still opponents, mainly from the socialist side of things. Unions hate them, college kids hate them and of course there will be politicians to play the emotional violin. I believe the true reason that globalization is so hated by socialists is because it creates competition between countries. This forces countries (just like business) to compete against each other to have the best corporate environment.

Socialists want the border closed and free trade ended, so they can control the market. With this control they can force business to pay unbelievably high taxes and go through phone books full of red tape. Now countries are forced to compete for businesses. They need to create environments for business to come. That means lower taxes and less red tape.

The advantages of globalization are amazing and beneficial for all. It is extremely anti-poverty and pro-prosperity. There are no disadvantages overall for globalization. Of course there will be people that whine about it, since it's basically a loss of control for them. Overall, people have higher standards of living in all countries involved.


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