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The Case Against Anarcho-Capitalism

This post has been revised and moved.
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The Case for Learning Philosophy as a Political Enthusiast

The act of turning people onto philosophy is one that is unrewarding. It's even harder with people that think they have it all figured out - especially those with interests in politics, you'll be greatly rewarded for taking on the task. I'm by no means an expert on philosophy, but I'm always learning - learning about myself. Philosophy has taught me to: Develop my ideas and views to well-reasoned positions.Since my positions are better, I can argue them better.And since my positions are better, I can defend them better.When someone new encounters philosophy that most likely end up overwhelmed. Tough questions, different responses and many feel that it's all a matter of opinion. "Do you exist or are you in the matrix? How do you know?" "Is murder morally wrong? Why? How do you know?" It's not an easy field to learn.
There was a great comment on reddit that I had to save because this was the question brought up, "isn't it all a matter of…